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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Inaugural

Hello, I am user Valeyor, a member of the Combine. I suppose a short introduction is in order before I start my Tl;DR for you all to ignore, but I recommend reading it. It’s one of my best works.

I have been a member of the Combine for almost as long as the Combine has existed(Before the reforms) Though I am not visibly active, I visit the Combine Clan thread almost every day. On a more personal level, I am a feverish hobbyist. I have a decent collection of Lego Bionicle sets, which I enjoy building as much as playing.(And then tearing apart and building something else, and often losing pieces.) I am an amateur Level Designer who is still quite new at the trade and hope to improve my skills as much as possible. I hope to one day end up on the Bleeding edge of gaming technology, being respected for my dedication to always improving my skills and never giving up on solving problems, and perhaps one day starting my own company.(After traveling through all of the circles of Hell to get there) And I am a loyal friend who will do whatever I can to help someone in need. Though this isn’t about me, so I’ll move on.

In the hopes that this is a first post, I will be the first to say “Welcome!” Welcome to this blog. I may not be able to speak for all of us, but I myself am honored that you have read this far. It is a pleasure to know that something I write/make/do is noticed by someone, and it is one of the driving forces in my life. It is truly that, which allows this clan to exist, and that I hope will be the driving force behind this clan.

Our purpose is to guide new players onto the path that will lead them to achieve their goals, in order to remove the ambiguity of a large, persistent world that stops many players from enjoying the game, and sometimes causes them to quit, not knowing how fun a game can be. We want to share our experience, and allow players to take that and achieve what they could not do before. Think of us as guardians of knowledge, beings who will watch over the game and ensure that order is maintained through the power of knowledge. We also hope that players will take our knowledge, and use it to guide other players, and to guide themselves into new discoveries, which will allow them to share even more knowledge with the game world.
Through knowledge, we also hope to keep order in the game, to weed out those that would seek to destroy knowledge; those who would take advantage of ignorance for personal profit; those who would, through their ignorance and malice, potentially destroy the game that we may(or may not) love.

If you share our sentiment, if you care about Stellar Dawn(even though it may not be released yet), if you want to stop the ignorance that has cause problems in the past(IE, Runescape), then you can join our clan on the Stellar Dawn Forums(Quick find code: 96-97-114-92831 ) and help us in the current Reform, that will be the foundation of an institution that aspires to be a force of nature, that will make the game known as Stellar Dawn one of the best Sci-fi game communities on the internet.

Thank you for your time,

(Bow to the great one, IVI! =P)

Ed: Edited minor spelling error. There's stirring, if hyperbolic introduction to The Combine by Valeyor and our Inaugural post!

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