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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Scholarly Arm Executor

When I first sent that renowned entry application into The Combine on September 2010, my only intention was t'become a basic and humble Q&A tutor that spends quite a lot of time in the Guild Houses. The guild was quite conspicuous compared t'the other available guilds that seemed t'simply try t'enlarge as quickly as possible and were military or roleplaying based. 'Twas the “betterment for the o'erall society” element of The Combine that I deemed t'be quite attractive. Not long after joining, I tried t'familiarise myself with all aspects of the guild (namely the off-campus media). I've read e'erything pertaining t'the guild t'familiarise myself with't as much as possible. I e'en searched “Stellar Dawn The Combine” into Google t'locate all of its media. Eventually, I felt as though I understood IVIilitarus and his endeavours.

After awhile, the Guild Houses were disbanded as The Combine enlarged t'seek verbal teachers. The Q&A tutors could be anyone in the chatrooms anyhow, therefore I thought that I could potentially be something else opposed t'a tutor or a teacher. When Militarus first mentioned the Ministry of Lies and Propaganda, I thought that perhaps I could assist with implementing clean guild videos (most videos regarding guilds I see aren't very well done). That would have been my initiative job anyhow.

Not much longer after, howe'er, the first wiki was released. Leader IVIilitarus seemed t'be beseeching and complaining t'the entire guild moreso than before, and I entered the wiki and began making edits within the wiki. Whilst editing the wiki, I thought that perhaps I'll simply be the general media management person. There in the wiki, I began t'truly learn of the guild. IVIilitarus's blog bestowed me with an emotional understanding, whilst the wiki bestowed me
with a further fundamental understanding (compared t'the information already present within the thread).

Along with Zephyrraeon (who I believe also understood the guild) and a few others, I began writing longish suggestions for the guild. I've written long multi-posts posts ere the suggestions, but those were, for the most part, social, and not very contributing t'the guild. Then, on June, Leader IVIilitarus requested for us t'meet privately in RuneScape. Thinking that he wished t'discuss the plans I've established, I joined with him some days later. Upon logging into RuneScape, I found that he was online and tried t'reach for him. Without e'en saying “Hello”, he abruptly tells me that I'm promoted t'Second in Command that pertains t'the Scholarly Arm (Scholarly Arm Executor). I was in shock, and soon enough I was bestowed with moderator and administrative privileges within the off-campus media (Forums, Blog, and Wiki) along with leading the Combine RuneScape Branch.

Less than a month later, IVIilitarus is off explaining t'me that the fate of The Combine lies in my hands if his family issues restrict him from leading (which he happily revealed in the previous blog post).

In brief, I join the guild intending t'be a humble basic member who contributes in the main system of teaching. Then I degrade my expectation t'be something that isn't entirely that important, which was video making. Following that, I ponder of being the general media management person, and then spontaneously I become an executor and now the fate of The Combine lies in my hands, lest the whole project collapses during IVIilitarus's absence. That truly kept me up late at night, e'en though when I was informed of this potential, 'twas already extremely late.

After some stress and contemplation, I feel as though I truly do understand what IVIilitarus meant regarding leading a guild in his second blog post: “It's really, really hard,” And I'm not e'en leading the guild! I can't imagine what he's going through, and I'm not e'en mentally built for leadership. His acrimonious complaining is truly understandable. 'Tis a relief that more individuals are beginning t'assist more than they previously had.

Oh gosh, 'thas just occurred t'me that now I'm the one who's complaining. Hopefully this doesn't develop into a habit. I suppose that this is what 'tis like t'be an executor of a highly organised guild.


Here's a silly animated gif of me smacking IVIilitarus numerous times with a rubber chicken ere his RuneScape retirement in an unrealistic helicopter fashion for compensation:

'Te'en possesses the CRB vexillum t'the side!

Warm regards,

Lady Dragon

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