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Sunday, July 17, 2011


I'm not actually that much smarter than people. Just aware of what works and doesn't. Combine that with unrivaled jackassery and you've got a recipe for great leadership.

Totally true.

One thing that bugs me is how The Combine only gets more and more complicated as we go on. Yesterday, I started a second wiki.

Who even needs 2 fucking wikis?

Us, apparently.

I call it SNAFU - Situation Normal, All Fucked Up. Acronym likely to have originated in the US military during WWII. Fits us, too, considering how no matter what happens, it gets more complicated. Better, too, but mostly complicated.

First, we had a clan that did a bit of helping on the side. Then we had a clan with more focus on helping, expanded to 2 Arms. Now it's a clan built entirely around community support and education. 2 Arms, 2 wikis. Really. I consider quitting The Combine every single day, but my ego keeps me from doing so. Somewhere down the road, The Combine's gonna make history. We're already the best organised and one of the most active and I don't want the Leaders page to read, "The Combine was founded by IVIilitarus, who resigned during the first year of its running," That's bad.

So, yeah. SNAFU. Combine's running peachy. We now need twice as many wikis as Wikia thought anyone would ever need wikis. Great job. SDComMA is running and our shiny new Paperwork Central is going to store the archive. Moreso, the application system will be reworked and blah-blah-blah.

It's nice that the workload is divided up between people. (Meetings are open on Skype, ask someone who's not me for entry into the planning. Twirl pencils and contribute)

It's nice being the only clan with long-term goals that ain't, 'kill big things, do stuff,' or a rank structure copied and pasted from Wikipedia, but sometimes management is the sucktasticest thing on Earth. Jagex and their shitty plan ain't helping, 'We fucked up pre-release but aren't good enough to own up to our mistakes, so here's a plan for you: Nothing.'

Don't even get me started on the CRB.

I'm probably gonna get my ass grounded soon, so it's gonna hold the First Reform back a bit. I've also got a massive case of writer's block so that'll slow things down. The Combine's gotten bigger than I wanted it to be and we're at the heart of this. Gotta lotta work to do before the Beta starts.

Yeah. Welcome to The Combine. We're eight thousand man-hours better than every other clan.

Regards, IVIilitarus

*IVIilitarus is founder and Leader of The Combine. When not bitching incessantly to Combine members who don't listen/care, he is gaming, writing or blogging on Railgun Fetishist.

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